Size Comparison

Knuckleduster's figure lines vary a bit from one  line to another. For instance, the 1812 line is a bit larger than the Old West 28mm line in order to blend well with the latest Napoleonic 28mm figures on the market.

This list is not comprehensive, but I've started to gather photos to illustrate how our figures compare to others.

The figure in the center of each group of figures is a Knuckleduster 1812 figure. The 28mm Old West figure line is slightly smaller than the 1812 line, so this photo is useful only for comparisons between our 1812 figures and other Napoleonic figures (unfortunately I don't have any Old Glory figures handy).



Knuckleduster Miniatures

Knuckleduster Miniatures manufactures game miniatures of the highest quality. All of our products are cast in lead-free pewter, which costs a bit more to make and sell, but provides our customers with an extremely safe and durable material to work with (and who can put a price on peace of mind?). All figures are sculpted by Forrest Harris.

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