Gunfighter's Ball

Gunfighter's Ball

Gunfighter's Ball is the most detailed and finely-cast wild west miniatures line ever created. The figures are designed digitally and the "green" is mastered with a jewelry-grade 3D printer. With this printing technology, the small details are rendered sharply and the smooth areas are smooth like porcelain; none of the banding or graininess found in cheaper printing methods. Each figure is then cast in razor-crisp tin pewter (a far cry from the lead minis your Dad painted).

The line includes buildings, animals, and is expanding rapidly. Rules are in playtesting and are scheduled for release or kickstarter Fall of 2017.

The figures are "Heroic Scale" 28mm, increasingly being called "32mm" (to the top of the head), this is the scale used by Reaper, Malifaux, Dead Man's Hand, Artizan, Black Scorpion, and other modern figure makers, as well as every new product line being developed for the Wild West or steampunk. Some people mix these freely with the older figures like Foundry, Old Glory, and Knuckleduster 28s and aren't bothered, although they are noticeably larger. Figures come with MDF slotta-bases (with the exception of mounted, wounded, furniture, vehicles, etc.).

25mm Slottas with Floorboard Pattern

25mm Slottas with Floorboard Pattern


25mm round slotta bases with a floorboard pattern, perfect for figures that reside in the saloon or .....

Knuckleduster Miniatures

Knuckleduster manufactures 28mm War of 1812 wargame miniatures, as well as 28 and 40mm Old West figures. All of our products are cast in lead-free pewter, which costs a bit more to make and sell, but provides our customers with an extremely safe and durable material to work with (and who can put a price on peace of mind?). All figures are sculpted and all samples are painted by Forrest Harris.

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