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This boxed starter set has everything you need to get started running Wild West skirmish games. The deluxe version of the Desperado starter set includes the Desperado  rule book, twelve 32mm slotta-base figures, character cards, dice, and terrain, including a laser-cut saloon, store, blacksmith (or livery stable), outhouse, and metal detail parts, such as stovepipes and hitching rails. The buildings are MDF with metal cast doors and windows for an extra layer of realism not possible through laser-cutting alone, and the figures are digitally-designed and rendered in rendered in crisp, high-detail tin pewter. A great way to get started in the Old West genre with a classic set of rules and the very best western miniatures on the market today!


Desperado Rules

Starter Set booklet

Photocopy-friendly reference sheet

12 figures with slotta bases, including: California Kate, Mysterious Dave Mather, Pinkerton Agent, The Dame With No Name, Rowdy Jack, Bob the Bartender, Honest John the Sheriff, Johnny Ringo, Groinshot Mcghee, Bucktooth Billy, plus two bystanders.

Full-color, illustrated drawing deck card and character cards

Laser-cut MDF Saloon, Store, Blacksmith/Livery, and outhouse with metal cast detail parts and accessories.

Five D6, and two D10 (black and white, for percentile rolls).

The "Son of Desperado" reference sheet, including new house rules for 2017.


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