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We've put together a discounted sample set of figures, buildings, dice, and poker chips to show you the quality of our miniatures. The sampler items are all available for immediate shipment, so you examine the way everything is produced and put together before committing to a larger purchase. 

The $45 sampler includes:

1. Three Gunfighter's Ball figures (with slotta bases), chosen at random from among the fighters in the collection.

2. One false-front commercial building, also chosen at random (does not include the Smithy or small out-buildings; only the buildings with false front and boardwalk that show you the full capabilities of our multi-media design).

3. A set of 4D6s, 2D10s (one ivory and one black), and a cubic D3 (1-1-2-2-3-3).

4. Clay poker chips used to track wounds in the game. Each character gets six white and three red chips; 3 full sets are included in the sampler.


PS. If you already have some Knuckleduster figures, let us know and we'll substitute three random bystanders for the three fighters.

Supplied unpainted. MDF slotta base included. Lead-Free Pewter
Large 28mm or "heroic" scale, which is 32mm to top of head on average. Matches Dead Man's Hand, Copplestone, and other modern "28mm" ranges.
Choking Hazard: Small Parts; keep away from children under 3 years old or individuals who have a tendency to put inedible objects in their mouths.

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Knuckleduster Miniatures

Knuckleduster manufactures 28mm War of 1812 wargame miniatures, as well as 28 and 40mm Old West figures. All of our products are cast in lead-free pewter, which costs a bit more to make and sell, but provides our customers with an extremely safe and durable material to work with (and who can put a price on peace of mind?). All figures are sculpted and all samples are painted by Forrest Harris.

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