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Printable Animal STLs

If you need one bison you surely need a hundred bison! Of all the STLs we sell, animals might just be the ones that save you the most money! Check out the FAQ for more info.

Gunfighter's Ball

Gunfight Royale

Knuckleduster's Printable STLs

About Knuckleduster's STLs

We're proud to start offering STLs for printing at home. Check out this FAQ to learn more about the format, what's included, what's offered, and the all-important End User License Agreement (EULA).

The War of 1812

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Model Railroad

EU and UK Ordering Information

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Caliver Books in Nottingham ships to the EU with an IOSS registration, so no extra VAT fees or charges, and miniatures orders of 37.50 GBP or greater are sent with free shipping!

Shipping rates from the US to Europe are obscenely high at this time. The postal service is charging between $30 and $70, depending on weight. We no longer have access to an inexpensive direct option. To make matters worse, March 1st the EU put in place new regulations which have resulted in delays, returned packages and added fees for us. For small companies like ours, it's very difficult to provide good service directly across the Atlantic, and I don't see this changing in the near future.

You're always welcome here on the Knuckleduster site; you're free to navigate our site, make wish lists, download free publications, but we ask that you place your final merchandise order through Caliver Books in Nottingham.


Once you've decided what you'd like to purchase, please make a list and send it to Dave at Caliver Books in the UK. I recommend emailing or calling since their website is sometimes running a little behind our latest releases and is so vast that it will probably be easier just to tell them what you want. They are the world's largest seller of wargame books and they carry a bewildering list of figure lines of which ours is only one.

One final note; please allow up to 6 weeks (worst cast scenario) as we use a freight forwarding service to keep them supplied, and if they don't have what you need in stock at the moment, it will need to be ordered from us (especially if it's newly-released).

 +44 (0)1159 382111

Shipping instructions and policies

The Knuckleduster section of their catalog (still listed as "32mm" although we refer to our figures now as "28mm").