We've got a new promotional figure for April and we've released our March figure as a single.

Carlita, sporting a dagger and derringer, is cast in metal and will be sent with any order fo $100 in merchandise or more, and her STL is available free for anyone purchasing $20 or more in STLs. She is the latest addition to the Gunfighter's Ball lineup and is our 199th gunfighter (this doesn't count our many bystanders and weird west figures).

If you visited Adepticon, you might have seen her in 75mm. This was test marketing for a new line of resin figures for painters. I'll keep you posted with latest developments in this project.

Bully Finch, a man too mean to be defeated by a mere scalping, is now available for purchase as a metal figure or STL. He wants the good whisky and you'd better give it to him!

There's more stuff coming out all the time. Don't forget the new Character Card Booster V, Cantina Characters, Cantina Furniture, GT Texas or the Caballeros!

Adios for now,



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