Giant Steps for Knuckleduster

Giant Steps for Knuckleduster

Three big news items here at Knuckleduster.

First off, we have a new website! Please let me know if you need help using it.

Secondly, we're busy filling Kickstarter backer orders for our new board game, Gunfight Royale! This game is essentially Gunfighter's Ball in a boardgame format with plastic cartoon figures, and it's due to be released as soon as fulfillment is finished, hopefully in time for Christmas.

Lastly, you will notice some of our products (horses, for example) beginning to appear in a very high-detail plastic. This material is strong and easily primed and painted. It's allowing us to produce animals and terrain accessories with a new level of crispness and precision. Our famous gunfighters will remain in metal, the best material for that application. We've even combined the two formats so that you will sometimes see plastic horses with metal riders.

As always, visit us on Facebook or join the Gunfighter's Ball FB group to join the discussion!

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