January has been a productive month at Knuckleduster! I decided to make a quick blog post to put all the links for the new stuff in one place. 

The Caballeros came out last week and the response was outstanding! In case you missed it, these three over-dressed wannabees' are available in metal for Gunfighter's Ball. We also released the rulebook in a more affordable softcover edition.

Today we're releasing a huge set of general store accessories. This one has been in develpment for quite some time. It's shaping up to be our largest terrain accessories kit, with two large merchandise cases, a counter with all the bits and pieces built-in (no assembly required), a checkers game on a barrel, chairs, a stove, the ubiquitous table covered in blankets and fabrics, a produce barrel, and a cracker barrel.

And as a reminder, this month's promotional figure, Estella, is available free in plastic to anyone who purchases $100 or more in merchandise and in STL format to anyone who buys $20 or more in STLs.


Thank you for all your kind support of Knuckleduster, and please reach out via email or FB if you have any product questions.

All the best,




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