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Bully Finch (STLs)

Bully Finch (STLs)

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A loose cannon if there ever was one! Bully Finch survived being scalped and bears a horrendous scar over his left brow. He's the man so wild that scalping could not kill!

Make sure he gets the good whiskey, by the way. He gets upset when it's not top shelf.

Includes the figure plus an STL of a basic 25mm x 3mm base that's the same diameter and thickness as our MDF Gunfighter's Ball bases. The scale is an exact match for the Gunfighter's Ball metal cast version.

If you don't feel like printing this one, get a metal cast version instead!

Supported and unsupported files included in a downloadable ZIP file. Purchase of this file means you have read and understood the attached End User License Agreement.

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