Knuckleduster Miniatures is proud to offer Gunfight Royale, our Wild West shootout boardgame!

Gunfight Royale!     Gunfight Royale is essentially Gunfighter's Ball in a boardgame format. Dump it out on the table and play without weeks or months of painting and modelling. Play it with your non-gamer friends and family; it's extremely easy to learn and at $45 it costs no more than most sets of glossy miniatures rules.

     Play it with the full color character chits that are included or buy an upgraded edition with our Victorian-inspired balloon-head toons! You can even play it with 28mm figures you already have.

19th Century Cartoon "Balloon Head" Style.

     While most of the game engine is the same as Gunfighter's Ball (poker chip hit points, quick-draw reactions, card-drawing for wounds, etc.), there are several additional elements:

- Dirty Trick cards can be won during the game and used against opponents at any time.
- Weapon and item cards are used which have all the ranges, hit numbers, and quirks listed on them.
- Items can be looted from spaces marked with a question mark, resulting in a random draw from the Weapons and Items deck.
- A timekeeper figure called "The Lone Rider of Eternity" rides a track on the outside edge and when he comes to the last space the game is over and points are tallied; there are no stalemates in Gunfight Royale and the game length is kept to a maximum of about one hour.
GR Features
     Expand and customize the game with the Adobe Town map set and an ever-growing number of expansion characters. Each set of expansion figures comes with its own character and starting weapon cards and is available in plastic, metal, or as STL downloads for printing at home. 
     The Adobe Town map set includes four double-sided map boards with rangeland scenes on one side and a town from south-of-the-border on the other. The edges line up with the basic map so you can maximize the number of variations you can make. 
Gunfight Royale Expansions!

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      Check out the game and all of its accessories in the Knuckleduster online cataloge today!