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Gunfight Royale

Gunfight Royale

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Gunfight Royale is a lighthearted and comical boardgame set in the wild west from the makers of Gunfighter's Ball!

-Core mechanisms are modeled after Knuckleduster's tabletop miniatures game Gunfighter's Ball, with fun additions like dirty tricks and weapons cards. 

-Doesn't require modelling or painting to play.

-Easy for non-gamers to learn.

-Expandable using extra map kits and expansion character sets.

-Upgrade to an edition below with plastic, metal, or downloadable STL figures.

-If you want to use your existing Gunfighter's Ball 28mm figures, buy this $45 Economy Version (it includes cardboard chits rather than figures).

2-6 players, Ages 14-adult.

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